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We created this PGT calculator for patients and physicians to help them build an efficient, cost-effective and realistic IVF treatment strategy. Our calculations are base on over 1000 IVF PGD cycles and include over 600k unique data points.  Over 150k formulas process the data in real time. Calculators present data based on maternal age and number of oocytes retrieved.

Several important questions can be answered:

  1. What ongoing pregnancy rate can be expected?
  2. How many euploid embryos expected in IVF cycle?
  3. How many IVF cycles are needed to get at least 1 euploid embryo?
  4. What number of eggs/IVF cycles is needed to get a certain number of euploid embryos?
  5. Visual data on euploidy rates, pregnancy rates and risk of multiple gestations.

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