Our recent study offers evidence that the probability of ongoing clinical pregnancy can be accurately estimated based on initial β-hCG values, the number of days after embryo transfer, and number of embryos transferred. A reliable machine learning model developed from the large clinical dataset.

This model can aid providers in counseling patients about the probability of clinical pregnancy after their first β-hCG Level. Based on the initial β-hCG Level, accurate expectations can be communicated to the patient and a clinic-specific algorithm can be used to manage the risk of ectopic pregnancies. Future research will focus on incorporating a second β-hCG level in evaluating pregnancy viability via machine learning.

PGT Calculator

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We created this PGT calculator for patients and physicians to help them build an efficient, cost-effective, and realistic IVF treatment strategy. Our calculations are based on over 5000 IVF PGD cycles and include over 5 million unique data points.  Over 63,000 formulas process the data in real-time. Calculators present data based on maternal age and the number of oocytes retrieved.

Several important questions can be answered:

  1. What ongoing pregnancy rate can be expected?
  2. How many euploid embryos are expected in the IVF cycle?
  3. How many IVF cycles are needed to get at least 1 euploid embryo?
  4. What number of eggs/IVF cycles is needed to get a certain number of euploid embryos?
  5. Visual data on euploidy rates, pregnancy rates, and risk of multiple gestations.

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